Manage your Social Media Presence

CX Monk is a simple, effective solution to help you manage your Social Media presence and even the social media campaigns.
CX Monk allows you to collect, respond and analyse chatter around your Facebook Pages, Instagram as well as Twitter. You can also listen to public chatter as well as competition for more insights.

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Social Media Marketing made easy!

CX Monk provides following features to make it easy and fun to manage your Social Media Presence.

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Publish Content

Don’t waste time publishing the same content independently on different social media channels when you can do it simultaneously on CX Monk . Editing the content is just as simple and time- saving.

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Manage Campaigns

Running multiple campaigns concomitantly has never been easier with the help of CX Monk . Improve your brand’s awareness by running campaigns.

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Identifying Influencers

Marketing through a key opinion leader is seen as more genuine and honest – because who would personally recommend a bad product?
CX Monk helps you identify Key Opinion Leaders for your brand.
You can also setup alerts for instantly getting key influencer conversations.

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Generating Reports

CX Monk can generate plethora of reports around Social Media, marketing campaigns, Customer Engagement, Loyalty, competitive insights. Do it yourself dashboards to create easy to access and intuitive custom reports

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Media Manager

A powerful media management utility to keep your creatives on the cloud, categorise them and access them as needed.

CX Monk has a powerful email marketing solution.

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Detailed Campaign Analytics

Helps assess the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by systematically analyzing  campaign success metrics.

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Quick Retargeting

Retargeting is a simple and effective way to supplement an email marketing campaign. With this you can easily obtain the list of customers who have frequently interacted with you, while carrying out an e-mail campaign.


DNS Mapping for better delivery

DNS mapping is a key step and very essential in your marketing campaign so that your email reaches the right place. If your emails aren’t getting delivered, then email marketing is a massive waste of time and money.

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Upload their contact database

Have contacts stored in excel sheets? You can easily upload them on the platform in the form of csv file. CX Monk automatically identifies fields like name, email of customers, once the file is uploaded.

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Create Mailing Lists

Helps you in creating mailing list where you can maintain the list of email subscribers who are extremely interested in what you have to offer and they are more likely to convert into paying customers.

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Schedule eMail campaigns

Helps a company to send email campaign at a particularly scheduled time, not instantly after creating. It is more convenient to use scheduled emails for those who have to manage a lot of campaigns within a short period.

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The email is truly integrated with Social Listening and you can target customers based on their social media interactions via “Smart” Mailing Lists. The email footer social media shortcuts are automatically linked to your social media profiles. This provides an innovative approach in marketing.

The Contact Enrichment process also helps you identify interest and industry affinity of your contact database, enabling you to do targeted marketing.